Great Launch!

Subject: Great Launch!
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 1996 19:17:04 -0500 (EST)

Hello all, Wasn't the launch great!!

Thank goodness I was able to be in my room today for the launch.  My kids
loved it.
They were so anxious that something would go wrong again.<G>
I think it was even better because they experienced that urgent "hold"
There were lots of Wow's with the ignition, and then again when the six
solid rocket boosters separated.  All the videos made from different points
of view were good too.
I really liked the "computer simulation" of the mission which they ran a
little while after the launch.  Unfortunately, I didn't know they were going
to do that, and I had turned off the recorder, so I missed taping the great
ignition simulation, but hurried over and turned it back on and got the rest
of the simulation.  Everybody thought it was beautiful.
I hope that this simulation is included in our broadcast. It was beautifully

Today's launch certainly generated enthusiasm.  Everybody crowded together
searching for info on the handouts I'd given them. They have lots more
questions now after seeing the launch, but they'll have to wait till
tomorrow.   It certainly is rewarding to see the few  "unmotivated" kids
suddenly come alive.