RE: Tons of Web Sites!

From: Laura Bashlor <>
Subject: RE: Tons of Web Sites!
Date: Thu, 07 Nov 1996 17:37:24 -0500

LFM Folk,

I wonder if anyone else is as confused by all the NASA/LFM/KSC/PTK/Quest
web sites as I am.  I now have a bookmark file full of fantastic sites
and more coming every day.  The lastest was the CORE site from Jan Wee.
I wonder if there is any site that has all of this in an organized index, if you will.  

Just yesterday I went looking for a journal selection from one of the
NASA scientists I had read.  I never did find it, but I found a lot of
other neat stuff.  I will no doubt suddenly need something I saw
yesterday and have to go searching again.  Maybe a special search engine
just for the NASA sites should be developed.

Any ideas?  Anyone with a ton of time to put that together?  Anyone able
to point me toward that elusive journal entry?

Laura (MI)