Re: Another Discovery Program

From: (Janet K. and James R. Cook)
Subject: Re: Another Discovery Program
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 1996 23:44:29 -0800

I can make copies of this program.  In fact, I have a spare copy just 
sitting around.  Who did I already promise one to who never got it????  
Please send your address and I'll mail them out posthaste!  jkc

You wrote: 
>Unfortunately, I didn't get the Life on Mars program that
>aired recently on the discovery channel.  Anxious to catch up with it, 
>contacted the Discovery Channel.  This is their reply.  Note the new
>"Life on Mars is not scheduled to repeat through March of next year.  
>are airing a new program called Destination Mars on Dec. 1st at 8pm 
>12mid ET on Discovery."
>NOW if I could only get a copy of the Life on Mars.  Anyone
>willing to make me a copy?? I will be glad to send you a tape or
>reinbursement. - Rose