New Hubble Images Show Dust Storms at Mars North Pole

From: Jan Wee <>
Subject: New Hubble Images Show Dust Storms at Mars North Pole
Date: Fri, 01 Nov 1996 14:38:12 -0600

Dear discuss-lfm members,

This press release pertaining to Mars just arrived!

Jan Wee, Co-moderator

>Don Savage
>Headquarters, Washington, DC                November 1, 1996
>(Phone:  202/358-1547)
>Tammy Jones
>Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD
>(Phone:  301/286-5566)
>Ray Villard
>Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, MD
>(Phone:  410/338-4514)
>       Two Hubble Space Telescope images of Mars, taken 
>about a month apart on September 18 and October 15, 1996, 
>reveal a Texas-sized dust storm churning near the edge of 
>the Martian north polar cap.  The polar storm is probably a 
>consequence of large temperature differences between the 
>polar ice and the dark regions to the south, which are 
>heated by the springtime Sun.
>       Mars is famous for large, planet-wide dust storms.  
>Smaller storms resembling the one seen here were observed in 
>other regions by Viking orbiters in the late 1970s.  
>However, this is the first time that such an event has been 
>caught near the receding north polar cap.  This kind of 
>advanced planetary "weather report" will be invaluable for 
>aiding preparation for the landing of NASA's Pathfinder 
>spacecraft in July 1997 and the arrival of Mars Global 
>Surveyor (MGS) orbiter in September 1997.  The MGS mission 
>is scheduled for launch on November 6, and the Mars 
>Pathfinder is scheduled for launch December 2.
>       Images to accompany this release are available to 
>news media representatives by calling the Headquarters 
>Imaging Branch at 202/358-1900.  The NASA color photo number 
>is 96-HC-716.
>       The images are also available electronically through 
>the Internet on the NASA Headquarters World Wide Web home 
>page "Today@NASA" located at: 
>       Image files in GIF and JPEG format and captions may 
>be accessed on the Internet via anonymous ftp from 
> in /pubinfo. 
>                                  GIF                 JPEG
>PRC96-34 Mars Dust Storms   gif/marsds96.gif   jpeg/marsds96.jpg
>       Higher resolution digital versions (300 dpi JPEG) of 
>the release photograph are available in /pubinfo/hrtemp: 96-
>34.jpg (color) and 96-34bw.jpg (black/white).
>       GIF and JPEG images, captions and press release text 
>are available via World Wide Web at 
> and via links in: 
> or 
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