Re: launch of MGS Wed 6th 12:11pm (A no go, but still exciting)

Subject: Re: launch of MGS Wed 6th 12:11pm (A no go, but still exciting)
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 1996 15:11:36 -0500 (EST)

Not to worry, no, this is not the LFM broadcast. They are launching the Mars
Global Surveyor. (At least they wanted to ----  it was a NO GO at almost
1:15 pm.)
So you are in luck if you were not quite ready today to tape it all. You can
get it tomorrow.

They will try again tomorrow, Thursday at 12:00, and if not then, around 1:
They could not launch today because of the weather.

Even though they could not launch, it was very exciting to my students.  We
all got goose bumps as everyone gave their system "OK's", and we got ready
for the count down.  THe aborted launch gave me an opportunity to emphasize
and re-explain  the "window of opportunity" concept and the effect of the
weather on a launch.  They got right up to 1 min and a few seconds, when
suddenly someone yelled, "HOLD, HOLD, HOLD, HOLD...."  really loud.  It was
quite dramatic.  All the "OK's" had sounded so
"purposeful and enthusiastic", and then the "HOLD's"  equally purposeful and
so extremely emphatic.    My kids all decided they would not want the job of
making the 
GO /  NO GO decision.

Even a NO GO can be exciting and educational.   It was a taste of scientific
reality.  My kids were really shocked that the launch was stopped at the
last minute.  

At 09:02 PM 11/5/96 -0500, you wrote:
>  We have been out of school for 2 days and I just checked my mail. I have
>seen several different dates for the launch of the MGS. If tomorrow is
>accurate, will the LFM broadcast also be on tv?  I just got my room wired but
>I am not connected to the net yet
>and I am about to panic if I am going to miss this!  Let me know please. 
>Thanks- Pat Cook