launch of MGS Wed 6th 12:11pm

Subject: launch of MGS Wed 6th 12:11pm
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 1996 11:05:31 -0500 (EST)

 Hi all,
Just a reminder, and if someone new doesn't know about the following URL's
for viewing the launch of the Global Surveyor tomorrow, 11/6, at 12:11pm
est,  if all goes well.

Live Cams at launch site:        for the MGS
at the Delta launch Complex 17A                  for the Delta
vehicle stacking

updated every 90 seconds    
I've never monitored these sites during a launch, and am not sure what I
should expect to see, since there is a 90 sec delay between downloads.  It's
worth a try.  I'm hoping it will indeed be launched while I'm able to be in
my room with my computer.  I have to get out at 1:00pm.   

Does anyone know if it will be on the NASA sat. live at launch?  I'm hoping
it will.   Barb