An Invitation...

Subject: An Invitation...
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 1996 17:28:49 -0800

Greetings Fellow Participants...

At the bottom of

you can find the following note.


Chatting with Home Schoolers

Also, a weekly web chat for home-schoolers will be held each Wednesday at 
11:00am Pacific (2:00pm Eastern). The forum will be hosted by master 
homeschooler Gayle Remisch, from London, Ontario, Canada. An archive of 
these sessions is available. 


Marc is very generous with his praise, and while I am NOT a "master 
homeschooler", I am a homeschooling mum who volunteers with these 
programs as both an outreach advocate (for homeschoolers and Eastern 
Canada) and a Senior Smart Filter. 

I have been asked to host this special Webchat for Un/de/homeschoolers 
etc.  I welcome all those who are interested in this special chat.  Would 
you like to share tips on doing the programs with small varied groups?  
How do we incorporate these activities into our Homeschooling groups?  Do 
you want to know more about Homeschoolers and their involvement with 
these programs?  Are you curious about Homeschooling/ers and how we use 
these valuable programs with our children?  

Then please join me at:
Each and every Wednesday from 2-3pm Eastern.

So many de/un/hs'ers are involved in the NASA programs that they have set
up this special chat for us.  Right now we're involved with all 3 
programs running simultaneously. 

LFM = Live From Mars:
NASA's upcoming missions to the Red Planet

S/MORE = Shuttle/Mir On-line Research Experience:
Life sciences research aboard Mir space station

WON = Women of NASA:
Women at NASA as science/technology role models

And soon:
LFA2 = Live from Antarctica II:
An electronic field trip to the Palmer Peninsula (that part of the 
continent across the stormy Drake Passage from Chile). The project takes 
place at the time of year when students can see baby seals and penguins 
still in their birth colonies and rookeries, amid some of the most 
spectacular scenery in the world.

I look forward to chatting with you soon...

Yours Truly,
Mrs. Gayle Remisch
(Home Educating daughter Anna 4 1/2 and Nephew 13 3/4.)

The Womblegarten

NASA Passport to Knowledge K-12 Outreach Advocate for Homeschoolers and
Eastern Canada, also, Smart Filter Volunteer

"Nothing prepares you for life nearly as well as living it"
	-Heidi Priesnitz-

"Children are unpredictable.  You never know what inconsistency they're 
going to catch you in next."
	-Franklin Jones"

"Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations.  I may not 
reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them and 
try to follow their lead."
	-Louisa May Alcott-