Subject: Re:
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1996 21:56:11 -0800

I wouldn't hold your breath.  If you don't have CNN, find 
someone who does.  They are planning to broadcast the launch.  

SPeaking of launches....I am in the process of adding the GS 
launch and the Live from Mars program to the Life on Mars 
tapes I made for people.  That's the good neews.  The bad 
news is... my daughter decided to help out and address your 
videos.  :-)  Unfortunately, after doing so, she put the 
stack of messages in the recycle and it was recycled while I 
was at a conference.  She's only 7 and I don't trust her 
addressing ability (several of the states are not in the 
Union!), so could I please ask for a reshow of those who 
wanted it?  Sorry,  I promise I will label them as your 
addresses come off the printer!  jkc

On 11/27/96 16:30:50 you wrote:
>Is there any info out about wether or
>not the networks are going to broadcast the
>Rover launch on Sunday morning?