From: (John Gallagher)
Subject: WSTA
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 1996 13:28:54 -0800

The washington Science Teachers Association conference has just completed
and offered a lot in the way of info pertinent to LFM.  We had over 1200
teachers for what we believe is the largest turnout!  We had LFM
presentations and other Mars integrated curriculum ideas.  Great workshops
were given by Ken Edgett, Tom Gates, Richard Shope and Jackie Giuliano, Jo
Dodds, Tom Campbell, Peggy Wethered, Jo Lynne Roberts, Fran
O'Rourke-Hartman, Louise Fayette and many others on Mars-related topics! Of
the 6 biggest attended presentations, 5 had some relation to Mars research
including Vero Robagou from the University of Washington on hydrothermal
vent origins of life.  Ken Edgett again led Arizona State University as THE
university interested in teacher education!  Unfortunately, we had our
greatest technical difficulties of the day during Ken's workshop (another
presenter who hadn't requested slide projectors or screens took the ones
from Ken's room!), but teachers still gave Ken and his presentation shining
marks.  My thanks to all of you who came and made this such a great
success!  For those working on theor state conferences, think about getting
some of these folks to present in your state!
John Gallagher