Re: PBS and LFM

From: "Norma L. Barnes" <>
Subject: Re: PBS and LFM
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 1996 10:57:03 -0600 (CST)

The local PBS, Ozarks Public Television, Springfield, Mo., invited a 
group of students from Strafford and a group from Springfield Public 
Schools to visit their station during the LFM broadcast.  They treated 
the kids royally, and helped make this a very special event.  Three 
televisions were in the room so all could see and hear very well, two 
large screened computers were connected to the LFM Web Site so kids could 
email questions.  Dr. Carol Collins, formerly with JPL, joined us.  She 
is currently developing the Computer Science degrees for Drury College.  
She had visited both groups in their classrooms to provide background 
information during the weeks prior to the broadcast.  She provides a 
great role model for our female students.

I was so busy helping students with e-mail questions and assisting with 
the refreshments the station had provided that I missed some of the 
broadcast, however, the discussions in the classroom during the  
following days provided me the details of the program.  

Thanks to PTK for facilitating this type of event.

Norma L. Barnes