Live from Mars Broadcast

Subject: Live from Mars Broadcast
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 23:48:51 -0500

I feel very lucky that we were able to watch the program through a local
educational channel who gets their feeds through PBS.  Our local cable public
access people knew about the broadcast and decided to do a small documentary
over the course of the school year, beginning with this event.  When they
came with their "real" news cameras and a "real" reporter who interviewed
them, they were thrilled.  When the program started, their was an electrical
charge in the air, kind of like we felt when we were all experiencing live
T.V.. in Washington DC on that last day.   We had done the stream tables the
week before the broadcast and when the parts about the water on Mars and
stream tables came on, they really felt tuned in to that.  They also enjoyed
seeing the clean room and were waiting, waiting, waiting for the final
launch!  That must have been so exciting for all of you who were actually

We are waiting for our ISDN line (we keep hearing next week, next week) and I
wasn't able to do CU-SEEME.  But, I would love to link up at some future time
with all you out there who are doing that when I get organized.

Thanks for the great show!

Theresa Hall
Paradise Canyon Elementary School
La Canada, CA 91011