Great Show

Subject: the world map for shuttle tracking
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 17:51:42 -0500 (EST)

Hello all,  I have a question about the World Map shuttle tracking site.

I was not able to show my class the video of the broadcast today, because
the vcr "ate" our AVA man's tape as he recorded everything yesterday.  He
was very apologetic this morning, and is trying to find a way to re-record
it for us.  

I'd taped  the launch of the shuttle, however, thought I had it all timed
just right, and my class watched that with bated breath.  The camera work
just keeps getting better and better.  IT's  soooo impressive.  We spent two
periods watching preparations, suiting up, etc. and writing words on the
board with my explanations, and then "thank heavens"  it launched just one
minute before the bell rang, or I would have had a revolt on my hands. After
all that preparation, no one would have wanted to leave till they saw
Columbia leave that pad.  Later today, After the launch, I wanted another
class to watch the little yellow shuttle make its way around the globe on
the internet website for the shuttle tracking world map.

Unfortunately, it didn't seem to be operating.  Instead, I found we could
use the DEMOS and track it that way, (NASA had the DEMOS picture on the sat
feed  this afternoon too) but the last time I used the  World Map for the
tracking, it was more effective, more frequent d'ling etc, and a crisper
picture.  I really enjoyed the world map tracking better.

Question:  Does anyone know if they are going to be utilizing the World Map
for tracking at all this flight?  Is there any  way we can find this out?

So long for now, can't wait to see the broadcast.  Barb