Great Show

From: (Marilyn Kennedy)
Subject: Great Show
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 11:56:16 -0400

Congratulations PTK staff, steachers, and participating students...

What a wonderful show!! My students loved the live broadcast. We had a few
anxious moments because of not being to get NASA TV due to the shuttle. Our
media director said the KU band for PBS satellite was trickier to get, but
he worked all morning and at 12:50 he found the channel!!

My kids sat enthralled during the whole broadcast and felt so special being
able to get in behind the scenes of Pathfinder. Even though they knew the
Pathfinder was small, when they saw the pictures it really hit home. They
were also impressed with the squeaky clean room. They  enjoyed  learning
about the father of rocketry  and how Goddard's interest and discoveries
grew from a fascination with 4th of July rockets!

My kids also enjoyed the stream table and seeing the other classes that
would be involved with the PET toolkit. I was amused as my students saw the
different Mars posters we all received from the PTK kit. They kept
exclaiming .."Look, they have a poster like ours...."

 This morning the students are working on their class newsletter for their
parents summmarizing the broadcast and their CuSeeMe connections after the

Thank you all for your hard work and efforts in making such an exciting
BRAVO to all the staff of PTK!!

I am proud to be a particpating teacher in this project!
Marilyn Wall
John Wayland Elementary