Nov 19th rebroadcast questions

From: Jan Wee <>
Subject: Nov 19th rebroadcast questions
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 06:58:27 -0600

Dear discuss-lfm members,

Many messages and calls were received yesterday regarding the re-broadcasting
of "Countdown" on NASA-TV.  The only folks who were able to view the
broadcast live
were those located where the local PBS station carried it or those with Ku-Band
access to PBS' main satellite Telestar 401.  Unfortunately, NASA-TV preempted
Live From Mars due to the Columbia Space Shuttle launch.  This is always a 

NASA-TV rebroadcasts the Live From... programs regularly.  I do not yet have
a rebroadcast schedule for "Countdown" but will post it as soon as it
is made available.  Some PBS stations may have taped the broadcast with
intentions of scheduling "Countdown" for a later date/time.  Check with your
local PBS stations for their plans. 

Yesterday I posted the contact info for NASA Core which distributes the 
Passport to Knowledge programs on videotape. Here it is once again
in case you missed it:

The Live From Mars Videoconference's first episode, "Countdown" will air on 
November 19, 1996 at 1:00 p.m. EST.  We will have the videotape available 
approximate one week after the air date.  The tape will sell for $16.00 
plus shipping.  Episode 2 "Cruising Between the Planets" will sell for 
$16.00 and Episode 3 "Touchdown" will also sell for $16.00

Payment can be made with a check, money order, VISA, MasterCard or school 
purchase order which may be mailed to:

Lorain County JVS-NASA
15181 Route 58 South
Oberlin, OH  44074 

Those of you who did get a chance to see the broadcast are encouraged to
share your experience with this forum.  Many classes had special events
planned, reporters on hand, etc. Please share!

Please remember if your students would like to send questions to the Mars
Mission team, do NOT use the address as this
email address functions ONLY during the live telecast.  Please send the
questions through the address!

Jan Wee

Jan Wee, Education Outreach Coordinator
Passport to Knowledge
Voice: 608-786-2767  (8am-4pm Central time)   Fax: 608-786-1819