Re: Mars soil

From: ___ <>
Subject: Re: Mars soil
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 10:52:00 -0600

Sorry I didn't comment earlier.  I've just been on overload with Mars =
info. coming over the email alone.  Throw in the internet - NASA - and =
LFM --oooooooo - am I the only one to feel overwhelmed??

When I did my second presentation I had two possibilities for "Mars =
Soil."  A few of my students were heading toward Mississippi and they =
brought back some red soil.  It was very close to the material that I =
brought back from D.C.  But, in the meantime, I bought some dry dog food =
(red) and ground it up in my blender.  I added some fine sand to this =
and came up with a neat blend to make a steeper angle of elevation than =
the other samples - sand and kitty litter.  When we begin to compare and =
contrast the volcanoes on earth and Mars, I'm expecting/hoping they will =
see that even though IT is the RED soil------  The other types (kitty =
litter and sand) will lend themselves more to forming shield volcanoes.  =
Also, to get all students more involved in the data collection part - I =
had them write the angle of elevation on a large card  for their =
particular soil type - then  stand up in a line from the lowest =
measurement to the highest
with the card in front of them.  Then one member from each end dropped =
off until we located the median of each soil type.  Be sure to let them =
know  - again that the measurements dropping off are not WRONG.

In my parish (counties for the rest of you) we are deep into =
math/science reform.  My last two presentations have been the Mars =
lessons (angle of elevation and soil)  It was a great example to use and =
was well received.

Joan Besselman (Louisiana)