Mars Pictures

From: Jeroen Wierda <>
Subject: Mars Pictures
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 1996 20:46:46 +-100


Over the past few days I have seen several letters asking for mars =
elevation pictures or related to Question #2, a picture of that region.
I may have some help on this subject. There is a fractal drawing program =
called "Vistapro (by Virtual Laboratories Inc)". That program uses =
(computerized) elevation maps and draws the corresponding pictures. You =
can define everything, your viewpoint, standing place, even the color of =
the soil. You can also create a FLI animation thrue the landscape.=20
With the CD version of Vistapro 3.0(there may be a newer version) you =
get the complete elevation maps of mars as well as loads of other maps.=20
I have made some stunning FLI animations viewing the craterla of Olympos =
Mons and a Morphing scene of the martian landscape changing from a =
lifeless planet into an earthlike planet.

I hope this might help you out a bit.....:-)

Jeroen Wierda
President of PUFORI