Re: Mars soil

From: "Eileen M. Bendixsen" <>
Subject: Re: Mars soil
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 1996 20:38:59 GMT

     A while back someone asked how to make the Mars soil.  I know the
question was also asked at the workshop this summer and I don't remember
getting an answer either time.  In preparing for my presentation at the NSTA
conference in Toronto I came across this web page
(  It not only has an answer to
our soil question, but explains how the mars landscape was built for the
demonstration in Washington.  I am including the description for soil.  

Eileen Bendixsen (NJ)

Mars is covered with a brownish-red dirt. The best way to duplicate this
dirt is to use some volcanic sand or volcanic gravel
(difficult to locate unless you're near some volcanos. For this part of the
terrain, we used a reddish clay dirt that we were able
to find in a local gravel yard. This may be a difficult item to locate, so
call around before you head out to pick up some red

When you go looking for volcanic sand (or any red sand), you can try to
locate them in local home supply stores, landscaping
supply stores, nurseries, gravel yards, or try looking in the yellow pages
under "Sand". We found ours at Laurel Sand and
Gravel in Laurel, Maryland [(301) 953-7650].