Re: Planetary Exploration Toolkit Activity

From: L*y Marske <>
Subject: Re: Planetary Exploration Toolkit Activity
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 17:24:50 -0800

Teresa and all,
    At the end of next week I'm planning for my students to try to 
decide on the instruments and equipment we want in our shoe box.  Once we 
do that we should be getting ready to do some on line debating.  I 
haven't exactly figured out the time line or the exact method we'll use 
since our internet access is basically through my home system.  I might 
be able to persuade my team members to make it a language arts activity 
and or a computer word processor activity.  Sometimes it's hard to make 
the necessary contacts in a timely fashion and to persuade them to do 
what they consider "My Thing", but I'll try.
    Let's keep in touch.
Lucy Marske
Sioux Center Middle School
Sioux Center, IA  51250