Registering for PET Activity

From: Jan Wee <>
Subject: Registering for PET Activity
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 09:21:05 -0600

Dear Marcella and all discuss-lfm members,

Marc Siegel did a super job responding to your questions about 
the Nov. 19th broadcast! Thanks, Marc!!  You had just one more question....

>3. My students registered to participate in the toolkit project. Is there 
>any way I can check that they are registered or should I just register again?

I do NOT have a registration note from you, Marcella. I do have them 
from the following:

Edward Beidas, Ruth Wahl, Charles Lindgren, John Kannel, Thomas Reeves, 
Jim Fergus, Robin Woods, and Tim McCollum.

Now, we do know that there are MANY, MANY more folks doing the P.E.T. Activity
as there have been postings to discuss-lfm describing activities and posing
questions.  BUT these are the ONLY FOLKS who have sent me a specific note
REGISTERING them as participants.  I am not able to cull back through all
the discuss postings to find out who the others are, so PLEASE send me
a note with the subject PET Registration.  Indicate your name, grade level,
number of students, school name and location and send this along ASAP to 
my attention.

Marc just posted the note about registering for the PET in the last
updates-lfm newsletter that was sent out on Monday, October 11th so 
there are many folks who may not have had time to read it through
carefully as of yet.  

If you are an educator just joining this list or worried that you 
may be late in starting the PET Activity, please erase that concern!
The very first online activity does not begin until December 10th
when classes will be sharing their best PET proposal.  The debate
will not begin until January!   Yes, it does take some time to explain
and conduct your class discussions but you still have time! (Up to
December 10th)

Planet Explorer Toolkit TIMELINE

October 17-December 10th:  Brainstorm the Planet Explorer Toolkit 
      and determine your proposal.

December 10-December 20th: Share your *best* Planet Explorer Toolkit 
      proposal and rationale online via the debate-lfm forum
      Each class may post one PET proposal.

December 20th-January 3rd:  Break for the Holidays

January 6th-January 31st:  Classes debate online the relative 
      merits of the PETs presented. Advisors/mentors will be 
      online to help moderate the discussion and help us reach 
      consensus.  Reach consensus by January 31st on a uniform

February 3-February 28th:  Classes collect data from local 
      environments and submit their PDI (Planetary Data Input) 
      to NASA Quest for sharing online.

March 3rd-7th:  PTK staff and advisors create FIVE data sets and 
      clues to represent the Mystery Sites for the next activity 
      and prepare the set of clues for each grade level
      range (elementary, middle, high school).

March 10th-April 16th:  Classes participate in the "Where in the 
      World are these Mystery PET Sites?"  Students will also be 
      able to participate in activities relating to interpreting 
      the data collected.  These activities will be presented at 
      our LFM web site.

April 17th -onwards:  This collaborative activity will remain 
      online for all interested students, educators, parents, etc. 
      to enjoy over the coming months as the Mars Pathfinder reaches 
      its destination.

If you are interested in participating in the Live From Mars 
PLANET EXPLORER TOOLKIT activity, be sure to check out the detailed 
project writeup at our Live From Mars web site at this URL:

Hope this helps!

Jan Wee

Jan Wee, Education Outreach Coordinator
Passport to Knowledge
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