class planning questions

From: Marcella Dawson <>
Subject: class planning questions
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 1996 20:19:55 -0600 (CST)

1. Primarily to Jan--I am not clear what will be available via the 
Internet for the live TV program. Audio - yes. Pictures? If I plan to 
participate via the Internet what can I expect?
2. My classes plan to participate in the webchat after the program. Based 
on past experience, will there be a bottleneck getting through?
3. My students registered to participate in the toolkit project. Is there 
any way I can check that they are registered or should I just register again?
4. I just did a 0% tech lab. It was a huge hit and I thought I would 
share it with everyone. I realized that my 8th graders have no concept of 
distance (basically not of time either!). I found two great labs in the 
NSTA middle school astronomy book. We built a scale model of the solar 
system at 100 meters from the sun to Pluto. There is a great amount of 
math included; working out a strategy for completing the measurements in 
one "teacher class period" was also interesting. The girls were far more 
astute than the boys. The boys had a hard time deciding who the chief was.

The second lab required the solar system to be laid out on a large field. 
One student is the electromagnetic messenger sent out from earth to each 
of the other planets. This one reads like a nut-case, but it is perfect 
for 8th graders. They loved it. I strongly suggest both of these labs from

"Astronomy", Project Earth Science, NSTA: Solar System Scale and Hello 
Out There.

5. We are all madly reading the bios and anything we can find on 
instrumentation to enhance our tool-kits. We have tool-kits, the 6th 
graders' seed experiments, and the 7th graders bones all over the lab. It 
is a mess but I guess mess comes with projects.

Marcella Dawson, Science Department
St. Anne School
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