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Date: Wed, 13 Nov 1996 14:37:44 -0700 (MST)!! What a find! Thanks. I only wish I would've had this last
spring when I was developing the Mars instructional software stuff -- there
is still a lot to add..perhaps in time...this 'tool' sure beats searching
the net (and books) for photos of specific Mars features/sites.

This is put together beautifully and perfect for landing sites and Mars
mapping activities. I like the fact that you can zoom and pan to come up
with the "map"/photo of a specific feature or region.  What a great tool
for classes. It loaded a bit slow for me on a 33.6 modem at home, but it's
workable. Another tho't is for the guides or class activities, it will be
so easy to do a screen capture of a specific site/region, then take the
photo into Photoshop and add arrows, color, text or whatever to highlight
certain features...PDS has really done a wonderful job.

Now all we need is for USGS to put their labeled topo/mosaic maps online
and a way to print them out to the same scale : )

Re: the web page: The photo's scanned in real well the other night...and
will need little adjustments. Now just to download the photos off of other
web sites and then code them all into the web pages where they belong...


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>here is the cool mars map/photo site

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