Re: Red Rover

From: "Eileen M. Bendixsen" <>
Subject: Re: Red Rover
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 22:30:18 GMT

     I just ordered the red rover software today.  My 8th grade earth
science class has started construction on their rovers.  Actually they're at
the point where they want to test, but I need to practice with the software
first.  There is only so much experimenting I'll do without a dry run first.  
     The other delay is my classroom has been wired, but we're waiting for
the phone line into the building and our new computers.  I'm hoping to be
set the beginning of the year and definitely by spring.  I would love to
also connect with other lfm schools.
Eileen Bendixsen
Beers Street Middle School
Hazlet, NJ