Re: Red Rover

From: "Norma L. Barnes" <>
Subject: Re: Red Rover
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 20:43:11 -0600 (CST)

I also plan to reactivate my site next spring.  I have purchased a 
digital camera and have installed it, replacing the analog camera I used 
last year.  I have not yet been able to get the crisp, clear image I did 
before.  Has anyone else had experience with both types of cameras.  Am I 
expecting too much from this camera

Norma L. Barnes


On Tue, 12 Nov 1996, Charlotte Stevens wrote:

> Theresa,
> If all goes well we plan to have a Mars site up and running this winter 
> (after the holidays, probably late March).  Let's do try to communicate 
> and plan an activity for the early spring or whenever schools get 
> online.  
> Thanks for all your advice earlier this fall.  It sure helped!  
> We met with the Lego dacta representative when he was in town for NSTA 
> and he set us on the right track about what to purchase.  His name is 
> Mike Cesarano and can be reached by calling Lego Dacta's corporate 
> offices.  He used to be a classroom teacher and could share his 
> experiences using Lego Dacta materials in effective instructional 
> methods beyond Red Rover.  
> We're looking forward to designing our rover and making new friends 
> over the web!
> Charlotte Stevens 
> 8th grade teacher
> Taylor Road Middle School
> Alpharetta, Georgia USA
> URL: