Manned Marsmissions?

From: Cybergates <>
Subject: Manned Marsmissions?
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 13:33:12 +-100


I have a small question. A few weeks ago, I found an article in my local =
newspaper that President Clinton gave up on the project, initiated by =
his Predesessor Bush, to land the first Americain on mars by the year =
2019. They say it is because of financial reasons. Do you know anything =
about this?

I also have another question to NASA: Hyperdimensional Physics.

Excerpt from Richard Hoagland's web site:
        One of the most surprising results of the continuing 14-year-old
        "Enterprise" investigation of potential solar system "ET
        artifacts," has been the rediscovery as part of that
        investigation of a little-known 100-year-old scientific
        discipline now clearly outlined in the "ruins"--=20
        The field of "hyperdimensional physics."
        This is a physics based on geometric and mathematical =
        which involves other spatial dimensions -- ergo the term,
        "hyperdimensional" physics. The field itself began over a =
        years ago, as part of a burgeoning scientific inquiry by 19th-
        Century mathematicians and physicists into theoretical "non-
        Euclidian" geometries (geometries involving spatial dimensions =
        addition to "length, breadth and height"), and a set of
        specifically predicted physical interactions of energy and =
        determined by those "non-Euclidian geometries."=20
        In the truest sense, these early theories and confirming (though
        now, remarkably, totally ignored) 19th-Century laboratory data
        can be viewed as the first scientific attempt at a "grand =
        theory" of physical reality.
        Imagine the shock, then, as this Investigation rediscovered -- =
        1988 -- identical hyperdimensional geometric indicators to an
        identical hyperdimensional physics... amid "the Monuments of
    (end excerpt)

Furthermore, according to Hoagland, tetrahedral geometry (a tetrahedron =
is a
pyramid with an equilateral triangle base) which is hypothesized to be =
primary message encoded in the geometry of the Cydonia complex on Mars =
the Moon.  This geometry, according to Hoagland, is how the
"hyperdimensional" energy interacts with our dimensions.  Here is =
how it works:
Put an imaginary tetrahedron in a sphere with one of the vertices =
the north and south pole.  And if the size of the tetrahedron is just =
so that the other three vertices touch the surface of the sphere, the
contact points will be at 19.5 degrees North/South latitude.  Then if =
rotate this sphere at a high speed, something weird happens that cannot =
explained by our current physics.  It creates energy within the sphere =
of nowhere.  Richard Hoagland suspects this tetrahedral form is an =
conduit within planets.  At 19.5 degrees, where the tetrahedron touches =
surface of the sphere, is coincidentally the area where most dramatic
planetary activities take place.  Those are probably the physical
manifestation of the tetrahedral energy grid within planets/stars. =20
Here are some examples (source: =
The Hawaiian islands / MaunaKea volcano (one of the most active =
at about 19.6 deg. N latitude.
The MOON -=20
A unique "mare-life" lava extrusion, Tsiolkovskii is at 19.6 deg. S. =
The SUN:
The peak latitude of the 11-year sunspot cycle and solar temperature
emission occurs roughly at 19.5 degrees N. & S.
The solar system's biggest volcano, Olympus Mons on Mars, is at 19.3 =
deg. N.
Alpha & Beta Regio, volcanoes on Venus suspected to be active, are at =
19.5 deg.
The Great Red Spot is roughly at 19.5 deg. S. latitude.
The Great Dark Spot is roughly at 19.5 deg. S. latitude.

On july 4th 1997 the Mars Pathfinder will arrive on Mars at directly =
19,5 Degrees North Latitude. And another striking coincedence is that =
the shape of the lander will be :Tetrahedral. These things are far more =
then just coincedences.
 My question to NASA hereby is: Why did you choose the landing site, and =
why is the shape of the lander tetrahedral. Could it be that the =
scientists out there want to prove the validity of this "new" physics? =
Or are NASA trying to prove evidence of life out there, because of the =
higher energy level at 19,5 Degree?

(Most of this text was extracted from Goro Adachi's Prophetic Insights)

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