Re:LFM Teacher's Guide

From: Ginny Dexter <>
Subject: Re:LFM Teacher's Guide
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 21:13:44 -0600 (CST)

Although my Teacher's Kit came to my home address and my son was begging
me to open it as the box alone was beautiful, I refrained and let my class
open it together the next day. I wish you could of been there LFM staff 
to see how
excited they were! That day our science activities included half of the
class going to the tech. lab to work on the LFM home page using the
response sheet that I posted to discuss. The other half of the class was
working in the gym making landing cites for their newly created rovers
and probes.  Wow, did they love the posters and slides and brought them
out to the gym to use for information and guides. So, thanks from all the
5/6 science students at Hydesville School for doing such a great job! We 
all appreciate it all your efforts and hard work!  Sincerely, Ginny

Ginny Dexter