Spanish TES NEWS

From: (Ken Edgett)
Subject: Spanish TES NEWS
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 11:51:00 -0700 (MST)

Mars Educators,

I just completed putting volume 1, number 1 of our new Spanish-Language 
TES NEWS newsletter online.

We distributed hardcopies of this edition (dated October 1996) at the Phoenix
NSTA.  If you are currently on our snailmail mailing list, you will get a copy
late November/early December when we also mail out (a) November 1996 TES NEWS
(in English) and (b) announcement for our next K-12 teacher workshop.

If you want to see it *now*, take a look at the version on the WWW.

Contents for this particular issue of Spanish TES NEWS are very general.  The
contents are:

-- Marte: El Planeta Rojo

-- Mars Global Surveyor y TES

-- Mars Pathfinder

-- Marte Nave Espacial 1996 - 2006

-- Programa de Educacio'n K-12 de Marte

-- Mars Global Surveyor Horas de Lanzamiento

-- Mars Pathfinder Horas de Lanzamiento

The newsletter can be found at:

Comments are welcome. 

Ken Edgett
Arizona Mars K-12 Education Program