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01_Project_Name = The Mars Academy

02_Contact_Person = Gabriel Rshaid

03_Email_Contact = grshaid@marsacademy.com

04_Description = The Mars Academy is an online collaborative project for
high school students
                     interested in designing and flying a manned mission to
                     The goal is for participating schools to discuss via
email and webchats
                     between themselves and with experts the problems
involved in the design of a
                     manned mission to the Red Planet (Orbital Mechanics,
Propulsion, Life
                     Support System, Space Medicine, Human Factors,
Spacecraft Design, Mission
                     Sequence) Each one of these topics will constitute an
open forum for
                     discussion. Postings to these forums will be emailed
to participants and
                     papers contributed by the schools on each of the
topics will be included in
                     The Mars Academy web page (http://www.marsacademy.com).
                     After a period of consultation, preliminary solutions
will be adopted for
                     each of the design problems and then integrated into a
spacecraft design.
                     Once this is done, a mission sequence will be
established, crew positions
                     assigned and the mission will be ready to launch after
a brief period of
                     The mission simulation will be web based and
participating schools will be
                     able to man their consoles at the web page and conduct
the mission in
                     cooperation with other astronaut schools in the
virtual spacecraft and
                     mission control.

http://www.marsacademy.com (Web)
                                                   info@marsacademy.com (email)

                     ORGANIZED BY : The Mars Club at Lincoln High School,
the American Community
                     School in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

                     PROJECT COORDINATOR : Gabriel F.Rshaid

05_Month = October 96

06_How_Long = 1 year

07_Objectives = (see description)

08_URL = http://www.marsacademy.com

09_Share = web page - email

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