Useful PTK information

From: (Jan Wee)
Subject: Useful PTK information
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 13:09:31 -0500

Dear discuss-lfm members,

The information below is offered to you as a handy
reference to key information about the PTK projects 
and includes information about satellite coordinates,
past PTK broadcasts and access to them, ordering teacher
guides/kits for Live From Mars, our 800 number hot line,
key Internet addresses, the PTK Advocate Team,
and NASA Core.  

I hope this information is useful.  If you have any
questions, please let me know.

Jan Wee, Education Outreach Coordinator
Passport to Knowledge

Key Information about the Passport to Knowledge Projects 

1) All Passport to Knowledge telecasts are broadcast live
by satellite on NASA-TV and PBS.  You will find this information
on the inside cover of your Live From Mars Teacher's Guide!

Satellite coordinates for all PTK projects are....

C-Band:  NASA TV
Spacenet 2, 69 degrees West, Transponder 5, channel 9, horizontal,
frequency 3880 Mhz, audio on 6.8 (Always check current NASA-TV
schedules close to air time.) 

If you ever need to check the NASA-TV monthly schedule check out
Spacelink's NASA-TV Schedule under Educational News and Information:

Ku-Band:  PBS K-12 Teacher Resources Services
Telstar 401, 97 degrees West, transponder 8, horizontal, 11915 Mhz, audio 
on 6.2 and 6.8  (Please check local listings)

Check with your local PBS station to see if they will carry
the telecasts live or via tape delay.  The Live From Mars
Web site does has an initial list of those PBS stations 
whose coverage has been made known to PTK. Check our
PBS coverage update at:

2) Email Updates:  

For information about the Live From Mars projects,  
send an email to:   
Leave the subject blank.
In the message body, write subscribe updates-lfm 

You will be placed on a mail list that automatically sends out
updated news about Live From Mars.  (Please be sure to keep the
unsubscribe instructions on hand in the event you want to leave
the list)

3) Important Web URL's:  

    To access our Live From Mars web site:

    To access our Mars Workshop Virtual Conference (July 20th events):

    To access our archive of past Passport to Knowledge projects including
	Live From Antarctica, Live From the Stratosphere, Live From the 
	Hubble Space Telescope, connect with the K-12 Internet Initiative
	and select Online Interactive Projects.

4) To contact NASA Core for ordering of PTK videos, call 
216-774-1051 and ask for extension 293 or 294.  NASA Core
accepts purchase orders, checks, VISA or Master Card.  Their
address is Lorain County JVS-NASA Core 15181 Route 58 South
Oberlin, Ohio  44074   NASA Core also has an email address:  

5) Teacher Support Information

	Jan Wee, Education Outreach Coordinator
	608-786-2767 (8am-4pm weekdays/Central time)
	fax: 608-786-1819

6) Ordering the Teacher's Guide and Kit... 

To order the basic option, Live From Mars Teacher's Guide (shipping now),
send a purchase order, check  or money order (made out to Passport to
Knowledge)for $10.00 per guide US/ $15.00 per guide Canada.

                        Passport to Knowledge
                        P.O. Box 1502
                        Summit, NJ  07902-1502 

To order the multi-media kit which includes the Live From Mars
Teacher's Guide, Mars slide set, two color posters, teacher training
videotape, Mars CD-ROM, and related resources, send a check or money order
(made out to Passport to Knowledge) for $99.00 (US) or $112.00 (Canada)
to the address above or fax your purchase order to: 973-656-9813.
PTK can not accept credit card orders.

Please note: Checks from Canada must be drawn on US currency!  Other
international locales interested in ordering -- contact Jan Wee
for pricing.

7) The PTK Advocates 

A group of just over 100 educators from around the US and two from
Canada attended the Live From Mars Teacher Workshop in Washington, DC
this past summer. The majority of these educators are past PTK educators
who have participated in one or more of our electronic field
trip projects and are exemplary PTK project specialists.  These
educators are the *key contact persons* in each state who are 
sharing their PTK knowledge and experience through local and regional
outreach.  Over 65 Passport to Knowledge presentations, workshops, and
in-services have been conducted by our PTK Advocates.  Information
about just who these folks are, where they teach, and contact
information will be found on our Live From Mars web site in the
coming months.  If you would like to know your state's representative(s),
send me an email and I will give you the information needed to
get in touch.  

PTK is very proud of our Advocate Team who are identified
as lead educators in their state, many of whom have won awards and
special recognition for their exemplary teaching strategies.  Most
of them are active members of this discussion forum and have been
sharing their expertise online.

PTK Advocate, Sheri Klug (Idaho) presented October 18th at
the NSTA Western Regional Convention in Phoenix. 

PTK Advocate, Rhonda Toon (Georgia) will be presenting along
with Astronomer April Whitt (who starred in Live From the Stratosphere)
at the NSTA Southern Regional Convention in Atlanta on November 1st at 

PTK Advocate, Eileen Bendixsen (NJ) will be presenting at
the NSTA Eastern Area Regional Convention on November 22nd at
2pm in Toronto.

Of course there are many, many PTK sessions being presented at
state, regional, and local conferences so keep your eyes and 
ears open for PTK presentations in your area. 

End of file.