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Hello everyone,

Belated congrats to Marilyn!

I wanted to share this with you.  Gabriel Rshaid teaches at the American
School in Brazil, and his students have participated in many space
simulations over the past couple of years.  Last year, one of our
simulations was highlighted in the "24 Hours in Cyberspace" project. 
The "24 Hours" people sent Associated Press photographers to some of the
sites participating in the simulation (Exeter, England; Krasnoyarsk,
Siberia; and Buenos Aires, Brazil, among other places)  Gabriel's
students also won international acclaim by acing a competition sponsored
by NASA (I think is was the SSIP, but I'm not sure).

Gabriel and his students have just launched a new web site they call
"The Mars Academy," and I thought you might be interested.  Give it a

Best regards,

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Subject: News from Argentina / The Mars Academy
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Hello everybody!

Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina! 

We have been rather silent at our end for a while, but now we are back in

My life has a bit hectic lately, but everything is fine now. With my wife we
sold our apartment, were then cheated by a real estate agent, went for two
weeks to the U.S. to The Case For Mars conference, lived one month with my
wife's parents and then bought a new unfinished house that we are slowly
getting in shape, in that order.

I am most of the time at the American School, but I'm still doing some space
things at my old school, where we plan to have a Web based Space Shuttle
simulation next November. With my former students we are planning the trip
to Space Camp and NASA Ames and Kennedy SC for the end of the yaer. We might
even be in Orlando for the launch of STS 81!

Amidst all this, we are now "officially" launching our Mars Academy (see
below). Please stop by our home page (http://www.marsacademy.com) and join in!

Kind regards,

Gabriel F.Rshaid
Buenos Aires, Argentina


PROJECT :The Mars Academy

DATES : October 21, 1996 onwards 


TOPIC : Space Exploration, Mars exploration

SUMMARY : The Mars Academy is an online collaborative project for high
school students interested in designing and flying a manned mission to Mars. 
The goal is for participating schools to discuss via email and webchats
between themselves and with experts the problems involved in the design of a
manned mission to the Red Planet (Orbital Mechanics, Propulsion, Life
Support System, Space Medicine, Human Factors, Spacecraft Design, Mission
Sequence) Each one of these topics will constitute an open forum for
discussion. Postings to these forums will be emailed to participants and
papers contributed by the schools on each of the topics will be included in
The Mars Academy web page (http://www.marsacademy.com). 
After a period of consultation, preliminary solutions will be adopted for
each of the design problems and then integrated into a spacecraft design.
Once this is done, a mission sequence will be established, crew positions
assigned and the mission will be ready to launch after a brief period of
The mission simulation will be web based and participating schools will be
able to man their consoles at the web page and conduct the mission in
cooperation with other astronaut schools in the virtual spacecraft and
mission control.

MORE INFORMATION/REGISTRATION :   http://www.marsacademy.com (Web)
						   info@marsacademy.com (email)

ORGANIZED BY : The Mars Club at Lincoln High School, the American Community
School in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

PROJECT COORDINATOR : Gabriel F.Rshaid  (grshaid@marsacademy.com)