Achieving classroom connectivity

From: (Jan Wee)
Subject: Achieving classroom connectivity
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996 08:26:55 -0500

Dear discuss-lfm members,

Since we are on the topic of classroom Internet access
I thought I would share Lori Darter's comments.
Lori is a PTK Advocate from Virginia who has agressively
pursued connectivity for her classroom. 

Jan Wee

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>From: "Lori A. Darter" <>
>Date: Wed, 16 Oct 96 16:12:24 EDT
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>From:  Lori Darter

>I just recently became on-line and wanted to share the info. on
>how I accomplished this. (Especially for those in OK) I am
>one of the lucky ones to have a Mac Computer in the classroom.
>However, our school does not have any lines to access the
>Internet.  There are ways to receive money for your classroom
>through Educator Grants. The Air Force and the Aerospace
>Education Foundation, granted me enough money to pay for a
>telephone line to the classroom.  Although the money will only 
>last one school year, it's a start.  For more info., please ask.
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