mars resources

From: "E. Veronica Clagett Media Center" <>
Subject: mars resources
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 15:42:17 -0700

Dear Live from mars folks,

I have found some great resources (print) on mars.

1. From my Teacher Resource center (Langley) I found a book titled 
"Viking Orbiter Views Of Mars"  You should be able to get a copy by just 
writing to this TRC.  This boook includes most of the pictures the 
orbiter took of the surface of mars, and gives in depth descriptions of 
the landforms and processes that scientists think have been at work.

2. At my local Walmart I found the Cd-Rom "Visions of Mars"  for ten 
dollars!  Included on the cd are mars art of the years, mars 
literature--with excerpts, and information about international 
cooperation with Russia.

3. A children's book called "The Three Astronauts"  This story is about 
three astronauts from 3 different countries racing to mars.  I used it as 
an introduction to the international cooperation aspect of the mars 
mission.  The students (mine are 8th graders) loved it.

Hope you all can get these resources, because they have been most helpful 
to me.

Jennie Mott

(if you write to me, please use my name as the subject)