Re: Working w/o Internet in class, and misc

From: "Eileen M. Bendixsen" <>
Subject: Re: Working w/o Internet in class, and misc
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996 00:02:35 GMT

     I have to agree with Marc that you can participate in these online
projects without a classroom connection.  I have done several email projects
using my home computer.  I will say that in many ways it means more work for
you the teacher, but it means that your students can be part of some great
projects.  I even did a weather project where I had to send the students
messages to several other schools.  I used a word processing document.  The
students typed their messages.  They had to place at the start of their
message the email address it was going to and then I cut and pasted them
into messages that I sent out from home.  I also had to keep each group's
messages from the other schools separate so that each team could keep up
with their responses.  This will be much easier with this project because
most of the messages will be coming and going from one address.
     One of the things that I found the most comforting that I learned this
summer when some of us were in Washington was that we are all pretty much in
the same boat.  We are begging for computers, phone lines etc.  Many of us
are using grants we received on our own or our own money to do these
projects with the students.  Again I have to agree with Marc that we should
work together to use this as our amunition to get some of what we need.