Working w/o Internet in class, and misc

From: marc (Marc Siegel - NASA K-12 IITA Program)
Subject: Working w/o Internet in class, and misc
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 1996 06:17:38 -0700 (PDT)

Hello folks,
I few things are on the agenda for this email...

1) Those annoying "Errors-to:" messages.
   Jeroen Wierda was right on the button when he wrote:
      I think that the stuff  that some people were talking about lately is
      NOT an error message. I think that it means that: If you encounter
      errors with this service, you should send a message to the mail-mgr.

   It also means that if there are errors in the list, they'll bounce back
   to me, not to the person who originated the message. That was the situation
   which prompted me to put in the Errors-to: field.  So as with many things
   computer, a fix on one front is a setback (confusing) on another.

   I agree with Jeroen that it would be ideal to have the message at the
   bottom of the header.  I'm working that issue, but it isn't high on the
   priority list.  So for now, please learn to ignore it.

2) Another (infrequent) Marc whine about proper list use:
   I've noticed a few posting recently to ptk-advocate list that would be
   best placed on discuss-lfm.  General messages should always be shared
   over discuss-lfm, since there is a much larger group of people subscribed
   to discuss-lfm and your ideas will be more widely read (and enjoyed!).
   Also, discuss-lfm is archived and digested for those who prefer their
   teacher discussion in that format. So please limit ptk-advocate listings
   to message that really only apply to ptk-advocates. 

3) Needing Internet access in your classroom:
   Recently, Linda McArthur wrote:
      In Oklahoma, computers are scarce in classrooms and Internet access 
      is VERY scarce.  I have been concerned about how this will limit 
      participation by our Oklahoma students and teachers in some of the 
      "Live from Mars" activities.  For example, the Planet Explorer Toolkit 
      Activity is terrific, but only science teachers with Internet access 
      in their classrooms can participate.

   I hear Linda's concern, but I respectfully disagree that folks must have
   Internet access in their classrooms to participate.  First off, the
   entire design phase (ie what tools will be included in the kit) can be done
   in class without any net access.  When it comes to summarizing and sending
   it in, that is only one email which can be sent from home.  Then to
   participate in the debate, I think in no more then an hour/week, a 
   teacher could collect (at home online) all of the postings for the past 
   week and put them on a disk.  Then bring them to school and let kids
   read them and discuss and compose their own response.  Again, from home,
   this info could be sent off in one email.  I know it requires some
   work from home.  But certainly you could participate. And actually
   getting involved in this way begins to build a strong case for why the 
   Internet is so important to have in the classroom.  

   We really do try to make these projects so that folks with just Email at
   home can also participate.  But this is really just an egghead idea
   cooked up by some NASA weenies who aren't in classrooms.  So I'd be
   interested to listen to whether the scenario I described is indeed 
   workable. Have others on the list done these projects without Internet 
   in their classrooms?

Your network pal,