CU with Dr. McKay

From: (Marilyn Kennedy)
Subject: CU with Dr. McKay
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 1996 07:59:33 -0400

Just had to share with you one great afternoon , even with some  Internet
disconnections and a fire drill.....

Wednesday afternoon my students and I participated in a CUSeeMe conference
(1pm-2pm) with David McKay.  This videoconference is sponsored by the "Ask
a Scientist" series of video conferences in conjunction with Rice
University, Global School House and well, who knows who else.....

To get ready for this conference and our upcoming Mars Projects, we watched
a video by Discovery Channel "Life on Mars?" Then I  teamed  the students
and asked them to come up with possible questions.

As Dr. McKay gave his talk, my students and I started typing in our
questions. And all of a sudden we heard, "Here's a question from John
Wayland." That so excited my students, so we kept on typing. And our
questions were being forwarded to Dr. McKay. My kids were so proud of
themselves and I was mighty proud too! Chris Rowan and Linda Hamilton, two
of our PTK advocates were there too!

And in truth during much of our excitement , my students and I  missed some
of the answers to our questions. (But this time I videotaped the whole
conference with  sound so we could view segements of thise conference when
calmer atmospheres prevailed).

In the middle of all this we had our required October fire
students did not want to leave but I said "we must go." When our class
returned from the fire drill, I typed in a message saying" We had to leave
the conference for a firedrill." The  NASA team chuckled about this and
shared this tidbit with  the whole world during the CU conference. "It
seems that one of our participatants John Wayland had a fire drill".

As the conference was winding down, I also sent a message saying how the
Internet enabled students here in the Shenandoah Valley to talk with and
conference with one of the world's top scientists and through the Internet
we are able to be part of the Mars"96-97 missions.

Just before the CUSeeMe Conference ended David McKay said that he was most
impressed with the knowledge and thought of all questions asked by the
students!! He indeed felt honored to be a part of this CUSeeMe conference.
I think this is due to the interest generated by the Passport to Knwledge
Project and our Mars ONline Virtual Conference this past July.

Anyway, we had a super afternoon!

Marilyn Wall.....

P.S. I am making each team a copy of our  CU conference so they can share
it with their parents.

Just had a Super day!!!