Marc and Net Day

From: (Marilyn Kennedy)
Subject: Marc and Net Day
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 1996 05:51:51 -0400

re: NET Day and Real Audio

Saturday was a beautiful fall day..the sun was shining and the leaves were
just starting to turn on the mountain. It was a great day for taking the
horse up on the mountain trails. But later in the afternoon, I rushed home
to drop in at the NETDAY conference during the Live from Mars Session
(2-3pm). As Jan mentioned on the NetDay homepage, you see a GREAT picture
of Marc and his dog! His real audio clip is really good, not just a little
blurb "welcome to NET Day etc." It's quite a description of the PTK

During the Live from Mars chat session with Marc as our moderator and other
JPL scientists on board, I got to meet some new folks from Missouri and
some other of our PTK advocates like Lucy. During the chat session we
talked about PTK "Live from Mars", how we were able to incorporate into our
curriculum, and during the chat sessionslots of questions were posed to the
JPL people about the upcoming Mars expeditions and about the Mars
Meterorite ALH84001. It was a great session and I learned alot too. I am
glad I stopped by!

Marilyn Wall
John Wayland Elementary
Bridgewater, VA