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Subject: Updates, info, resources
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 13:45:15 -0500

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Dear discuss-lfm members,

In response to a request for url's dealing with the Face of Mars 
(images available at these sites) try:


One of the activities in our Live From Mars Teacher's Guide 
called "Sun, Shadows, Surface Structure... and the Face on 
Mars" focuses on these curious images!  By the way, we
are presently shipping the LFM Teacher's Guide and multimedia
kits to those folks who have ordered their copies.  If you
don't have an order form, drop me a line and I will email a
copy to you.  We hope those of you who have placed orders
will receive them this week or next.  

If you haven't seen a copy of Dr. Robert Zubrin's *A Case for Mars: The
Plan to Settle the Red Planet and Why We Must*  I *highly recommend* 
requesting it from your local library or ordering it yourself.
This book has been written for the non-scientist and describes 
Dr. Zubrin's passion for colonizing Mars via terrraforming through
a plan that he feels could be implemented beginning now.
I think it's fascinating!  By the way, Zubrin is a former senior 
engineer at Lockheed Martin and is founder of Pioneer
Astronautics, a space-exploration research and development firm.
He is currently the chairman of the executive committee of the 
National Space Society.  I heard about the book in the Newsweek 
article that came out last month and ordered it at my local 
Barnes and Noble. The cost is $25.00, the publisher is The Free
Press, ISBN: 0-684-82757-3.

I also received some really worthwhile free brochures/booklets
from the Lunar and Planetary Institute and recommend them:

  1.  Lunar and Planetary Information Bulletin Summer, 1996; Number
       80  "Ancient Life on Mars" -- this 19 page booklet focuses
       on the ALH 84001 meteorite and the related research and
       findings.  There's also a  "Return to the Red Planet
       article on the various missions to Mars.  An order form
       is included in the booklet for books, slide sets, and reports
       that may be useful to you.

  2.  Exploring Mars: 1996  Educational Brief 96-01 is an 8 page
      document also available on the world wide web at

Both of these resources are available free for the asking.
Contact LPI at 3600 Bay Area Boulevard, Houston, TX 77058-1113
Call:  713-486-2100.

I won't add to the confusion about the error message
<Errors-to: mail-mgr@quest.arc.nasa.gov> as this is more
Marc Siegel's department than mine since I am not the 
NASA techno-wizard but rather the PTK Education Outreach
Coordinator.  I believe it is simply the email address
of where to report problems with bouncing mail and other
list related problems.  Perhaps Marc will clear the air
on this issue for us all!

If you are running Real Audio on your station (like I do),
stop by the NASA K-12 Internet Initiative's October 12th
Virtual Conference *NetDay and Beyond* link at:

and listen to Marc Siegel, NASA K-12 Internet Initiative,
describe the Live From Mars project.  It's really fun
to actually hear the voice (and see the picture of Marc
and his dog, Mavis) of folks your know online but rarely 
get to meet. Enjoy!   

Take care!

Jan Wee, Co-Moderator, discuss-lfm
and PTK Education Outreach Coordinator