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From: Jeroen Wierda <>
Subject: Not an Error Message
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 16:05:13 +-100

Hello every1,

Let me introduce myself. I am Jeroen Wierda, 21 Yrs old (22.. on october =
16). I live in The Netherlands, in a town called Den Bosch.=20
I am a Network Manager (student), and at the moment I am looking for =
work in that direction. I also have a degree in Laboratory Sciences.=20
My main interesses are: Space, Ufology, astronomy, Chemistry, =
Mathmathics, Biology and ofcourse Star Trek.=20
Since september I am busy with a UFO Research organisation (PUFORI). =
This is eating away a huge part of my time at the moment. People can =
become a member of this organisation for free.=20

I think that the stuff  that some people were talking about lately is =
NOT an error message. I think that it means that: If you encounter =
errors with this service, you should send a message to the =
mail-manager(mgr). But i do think that those things should appear at the =
bottom of the letter. As in present state it confuses the people.

I have a Question to every1 here: Is there someone here who has pictures =
of  the "Face" on mars? And I am also looking for pictures (recent) of =

Anyway it will be nice trying to communicate this way. And I certainly =
will write to here more often.......:-)

Jeroen Wierda=20
President of PICARD UFO Research Int  .and.   Ringmaster of "The Alien =

Signature file:

PUFORI, for who wants to know the truth about; Roswell, Cydonia (mars), =
Alien Abductions, and Government Conspiracies. We are continually =
seeking motivated "believers" who wishes to take part in our(!) =
adventure to clarify the UFO question. People who take the challenge to =
search for secret information, write articles, etc. We at PUFORI are =
going to awake the public, so they all know that "they" are =

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URL :  =20
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IRC Underground:#UFO, #Devils_Tower, (UFO connected channels)=20
Nick: Cybergates,=20

PS: We have just uploaded a major update to our(!) site. The next =
updates will follow during the next few weeks, as i am a bit short on =
time at the moment.

"I am an X-File....................!"