Lunar Eclipse Star Counts

From: (Janet K. and James R. Cook)
Subject: Lunar Eclipse Star Counts
Date: Wed, 9 Oct 1996 00:36:19 -0700

I am totally depressed.  Not only did we miss the eclipse (although we 
will be seeing it soon, thanks to Lucy's video--the tapes in the mail), 
but tonight, I decided to print out all the data and erase the messages 
which have been piling up in my mailbox.  So away I went, printing, 
erasing, reading the presskit release on the Internet, talking on the 
phone, and not noticing that half way thru the S/MORE Update #3, my 
printer RAN OUT OF INK!!!!!!!!

If anyone is feeling amazingly generous, I would love to get the data I 
lost due to my ineptness.  Here's what I do have:

    Charlotte Stevens--star count zero, but want to reassure my kids we 
weren't the only ones that missed out!
    Chris Rowan--great results and chart
    Marilyn Kennedy--full moon count, no eclipse count
    Mike Dean--description, but no count
    Charles Lindgren--description and count
    Dave white--count
    Linda Selvig--description and count

If anyone else reported counts and I lost them, could you resend them 
to me?  I want to let my kids chart all this and discuss the results.

Our results in Denver, CO, 39.7 N and 105 W, were 0 stars with heavy 
cloud cover becoming snow around 9:00.  Needless to say, the kids 
didn't want to go out and count.  We did count with no moon (but 
parking lot lights on) a week later when it was warmer and got counts 
ranging from 48-468.  We plan to repeat with the next warm, full moon.

The good news is... I got district funding to attend both the Colorado 
Science Teacher's Assoc. convention where I'll be presenting with Mary 
Urquhart (of Journey to the Red Planet fame) and to the NSTA Global 
Summit in San Francisco, where I can help out as needed, if they can 
drag me away from teh workshops and exhibits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for everyone's help and enthusiastic partcipation in this great 
project.  You're a fun and encouraging group.  jkcook