Red Rover, Red Rover

Subject: Red Rover, Red Rover
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 1996 19:22:53 -0400

I received recently my software update from the Planetary Society for the Red
Rover project. (For those who are new to the discuss-Live from Mars, Red
Rover involves the building of a computer programmable rover using Lego Dacta
material.  The rover, mounted with a camera, is placed on a simulated Mars
environment built by the students.  It is then "teleoperated" through the
internet by other participating sites, similar to the way the rover Sojourner
will be maneuvered upon its arrival.)  

I was delighted to note that there is an actual "menu" for building a rover.
 This description will be great as a guide -- last year we did eventually get
a decent rover together with the help of George Powell from the Planetary
Society.  The experimenting and trial and error were half of the fun, but it
is nice to know you can have the blueprints if you need them.

It's not too late to get involved with the Rover project and include it in
Live from Mars.  As many of you know, last year we were a Beta Mars site for
Red Rover.  This year, we are going to do both Live from Mars and Red Rover.
  My 5th graders who did Red Rover last year and are now doing Live from Mars
as 6th graders were excited about doing it again.

If anyone has an interest in doing the Red Rover project, but hasn't yet
received information, you can email the Planetary Society at, or post questions on this discuss list.

Theresa Hall
Paradise Canyon Elementary
La Canada, CA 91011