Subject: Broadcasts
Date: Sat, 5 Oct 1996 02:17:18 -0400

I have been reading off and on about the trouble we've all been having with
getting the live broadcast.  Our PBS affiliate has not yet responded
positively here in the Los Angeles area.  However, you might want to think
about calling the educational channels in your area.  We have 65+ channels
through our cable company and many of them, although not somthing you
automatically turn to every day, run educational programs ALL DAY LONG (and
it isn't "Barney").  You might want to thumb through your T.V. Guide and see
if there are channels like that and give them the pitch, one by one.  I got
lucky and was able to confirm that one such channel will run Live from Mars
*LIVE*. (They get their broadcasting from PBS -- so even if the PBS affiliate
is not running it Live, it does not prohibit other cable channels from
picking up the feed.)  With some local promotion by you and that cable
channel, there should be plenty of students and others viewing Live from

Good Luck!!  :-)

Theresa Hall
La Canada, CA