Powers of Ten

From: calderone@sysnet.net (Susan Hurstcalderone)
Subject: Powers of Ten
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 1996 20:58:32 -0400

Weekend Greetings,
        A parent of one of my students loaned me a copy of a video that I
hadn't seen in years.  I had forgotten what a great image it presents
visually-- particularly to middle school students.  As we progress in our
studies of the  solar system and the great beyond, they often do not grasp
the cosmic proportions we are talking about.  "Powers of Ten" by Charles
and Ray Eames puts this size component into perspective.  If you can find a
copy, it is well worth the time.  My students loved it.  It is short [about
10 minutes].  The copy we were using was distributed by Pyramid in a series
of 4 videotapes on the Eames.  However, there probably are other forms out
there.  The original was first made available around 1978 [I think].

        Hope you have as much comment as I did from this one.  Please let
me know.
        Enjoy the weekend.

Susan Hurstcalderone
Blessed Sacrament School
Washington, D.C.