Live From Mars Teacher's Guide Preview

From: (Jan Wee)
Subject: Live From Mars Teacher's Guide Preview
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 1996 14:57:09 -0500

Dear discuss-lfm members,

Your participation in this online forum identifies you
as educators who are very much interested in preparing
yourself for the Live From Mars electronic field trip
project.  The Passport to Knowledge staff appreciates
and recognizes your active online involvement in 
this discussion forum and desires to facilitate your
integration of Live From Mars into your classroom.  We
are just literally days away from having the final
copy of the Teacher's Guide printed and ready for shipment,
but we know you are *anxious* to get a first glance at 
the materials and begin working with them, as well as
having more specific details about the upcoming November
19th telecast.

Having that end in mind and hoping that sharing these
*not-final-versions* -- these files are still in a --->>>>revision
process<<<<--- of key sections of the guide will further your
preparation for the events ahead.  Keep in mind that I will
be sharing only a portion of the guide, with the balance of
it being placed online at our web site in the days ahead.

You will receive a series of files, each as separate postings
to the discuss-lfm forum.  These files include the following:

Dear Educator
PTK Overview
Unique Opportunity by Pat Haddon
Program One Description
Activity 1.1 
Activity 1.2
Activity 1.3
Closing Activities

Remember, there are more activities (lessons) that will be 
shared online as well as other sections of the Teacher's Guide
NOT included in this group of files posted today.

Also, remember, the guide is undergoing the final revision process
and you will see changes made in the final print copy.


Jan Wee

Jan Wee, Education Outreach Coordinator
Passport to Knowledge
Voice: 608-786-2767  (8am-4pm Central time)   Fax: 608-786-1819