P.E.T. Questions

From: Mellie Lewis <mlewis@umd5.umd.edu>
Subject: P.E.T. Questions
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 1996 08:05:06 -0500 (EST)

Please forgive the double posting of this message.  I'm not sure which 
list it should be posted to.  The Debate-lfm indicated it's for 
questions, concerns, and comments however I noticed that others are 
posting to the discuss-lfm list.

My fourth graders brainstormed what they would need, and their list is 
very "creative".  They had some trouble in identifying the instruments 
that would be necessary.  They seemed to focus more on the tools - small 
hammer, collecting vials, Swiss Army knife, etc.  I think when they read 
the other postings they may have a clearer idea.

A question they had is about the resources that would be available.  
We're assuming we can use our computer and that it doesn't count in the 
$200.  The students argue that if they could use the computer they 
wouldn't need all the field guides.  Anyone have an idea on this?

A question I have is, will the information/data we're collecting be 
exclusively from primary sources?  Can we use/include secondary resources 
such as the daily newspaper?


Maryland Advocate