Planetary Exploration Toolkit Activity

Subject: Planetary Exploration Toolkit Activity
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 22:03:16 -0500

I started the activity this week with my group of 6th graders.  The students
broke out into groups to "brainstorm" ideas and then took turns putting forth
their results.  I was amazed at their creativity!  I imagined that they would
need some prompting, but I was surprised at their ingenuity (aren't we
always).   In some cases, they knew WHAT they wanted to measure, determine,
analyze, etc., but did not know what INSTRUMENT could be used - that's o.k.
 We'll be figuring that out together.  We got a list going of good solid
ideas, plus some off-the-wall ones (but very interesting) which will probably
not last through our "in-house" debating session.  Our next step is see which
items will make the final cut and start accumulating them.  In any event,
we're having alot of fun. 

Theresa Hall
Paradise Canyon Elementary School
La Canada, CA