NASA-TV October schedule

From: (Jan Wee)
Subject: NASA-TV October schedule
Date: Tue, 01 Oct 1996 13:02:44 -0500

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Dear PTK Advocates,

Just saw the October schedule for NASA-TV and wanted you to
know that two of the past PTK telecasts are airing this month (see
below for schedule).

You might want to catch them and record for future reference
if you missed them when they aired live. =20

By the way, the monthly NASA-TV schedule can be found=20
       at Spacelink's Web site at:

Another way to access previous PTK telecasts is via your NASA Teacher
Resource Center.  To find out about those sites, please check out
this url:

NASA Core Information and Catalog (suppliers of PTK videotapes)
also is located at a link via the above site.

Hope this helps those of you trying to locate past PTK broadcasts.

Jan Wee

NASA TV: Spacenet-2, C-Band, T5, Ch. 9, 69=B0 W, 3880 MHz, horizontal
polarization, audio 6.8 MHz.

1-2 pm  4-5 pm  7-8 pm  10-11 pm  1-2 am  All times Eastern
NASA TV may pre-empt scheduled programming for live agency events.

October 16  Wed

Live from the Hubble Space Telescope: Making YOUR Observations
(rebroadcast of live videoconference)
Level: Grades 5-12


Join astronomers and engineers to perform student-proposed observations of
Neptune and Pluto using first-ever student-committed orbits of the Hubble.
Engage in actual operations of the Hubble as they happen.

October 22  Tue

Live From the Stratosphere: Return to the Stratosphere
Level: Grades 5-12


Highlights the entire Live From the Stratosphere series which took students
"onboard" the Kuiper Airborne Observatory for an interactive field trip
using infrared astronomy to explore stars, planets, and more.

Jan Wee, Education Outreach Coordinator
Passport to Knowledge    =20
Voice: 608-786-2767  (8am-4pm Central time)   Fax: 608-786-1819=20