Removing Biases

From: (Marilyn Kennedy)
Subject: Removing Biases
Date: Sat, 21 Sep 1996 16:54:06 -0400

This weekend as part of our inservice course assignment, teachers were
asked to compare the different search engines and of course write a paper
on our results.  The topic I choose was Mars and I was quite surprised by
the results and as a result I had to do some rethinking......

Until this assignment I favored Yahoo for various reasons including
familiarity and favorable results for great sites!!!

Well, surprise surprise!! It was the Magellan search engine that came out
with the best sites including Magellan Kid Zone

re: Magellan Kid Zone
If you have not checked this site out, do so. There are some wonderful
sites for Kids and teachers too!!

Under  the heading "space" I found some great pages including Lift off!

re: Shuttle Tracking and Latitude and longitude with a wonderful map!!
Tim were you looking for this info....This is a great site with a wonderful
map and with a graphic showing the location of the shuttle

And it was under the Magellan Kid Zone-space-mars  that LFS, LHST, and Live
from Mars was finally mentioned. Using the other engines I got some strange
combinations including a Mars cake recipe!!

In fact, this  topic of the Best Search Engines came under discusion on
CNN Computer Connection which featured a Search Engine Contest taking place
at a computer show. This program is being repeated on Sunday 4am EDT, 1am

re:Awesome Skies
Last night  there were crisp clear skies and I had the opportunity to go
sky watching with a friend who owned a telescope!! We went up into the Blue
Ridge Mountains and set up the telescope!! I am hooked!!! I got to see the
craters of the moon for the very first time.....the thrill of discovering
these craters for yourself rather than looking in a book or on the www. We
also looked at Jupiter and various constellations. So now, I am sitting
here with the issues of Sky/Telescope and Astronomy dreaming of a future

Have a great weekend...rain is in our forecast!!!

Growing moss between my toes

Marilyn Wall
here in the Shenandoah Valley