RE: Resources

From: Laura Bashlor <>
Subject: RE: Resources
Date: Sat, 21 Sep 1996 14:57:47 -0400


This may be a little late for inclusion in the resources you are
collecting but here it is anyway.  

	I joined the Electroinc Library today(  There
is a 2 week free trial, but mine had run out.  With three daughters in
college it seemed a bargain at $9.95 a month.  It holds the complete
textx of hundreds upon thousands of books, magazines, news articles, tv
informational shows, pictures, maps and more.  It is searchable.  The
results have the references listed in the bibliographic form you would
use in a college level paper WITH reading level.  The full text of the
ones you choose have your search words underlined making it easy to find
what you were searching for.

When I entered "Mars exploration" there were one and a half pages of
references.  I thought some of these would be good additions to what you
might already have listed.

(Magazine article) Mars by way of the schoolhouse.:
	MERCURY; Edgett, Kenneth; 07-01-1995, size:14K: reading level: 10

(news article)  Internet Update Special - Life On Mars.:
	NEWSBYTES NEWS NETWORK; ; 08-07-1996; size: 4K Reading level: 5

(Magazine article)  The case Against NASA.:
	NEW REPUBLIC; Easterbrook, G.; 07-08-1991; size: 40K; reading level: 11

(Magazine article) The elements of fantastic fiction.:
	WRITER; Lindskold, Jane; 11-01-1993; size: 13K; reading level: 12

(news article) US will press for life of Mars - Clinton  [yes, it says
"life OF Mars")
	REUTERS; Kieran Murray; 08-07-1996; size: 2K; reading level 15

(news article) NASA set for new search for life on Mars.:
	REUTERS; Nicole Volpe' 08-14-1996; size 3K; reading level 11

(news article) The Big If...A Mars life? Debate over rock likely won't
be easy;
	NEWSDAY: Earl Lane; 08-08-1996; size: 10K; reading level 9

(Magazine article) Mars 94.:
	SKY & TELESCOPE; McDowell, Jonathan; 02-01-1994; size: 1K; reading
level: 12

(news article) NASA prepares to return to the Red Planet.:
	REUTERS; Steven Young; 07-19-1996; size: 4K; reading level: 10