Eclipse Observation

From: lindgren@MEOL.MASS.EDU (Charles F. Lindgren)
Subject: Eclipse Observation
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 1996 20:16:02 +0100

The lesson on Live from Hubble is just a tad different from what I
proposed. It's also easier! I really don't know how many towel cores it
takes to cover the entire sky. It only requires 12 observations some simple
addition, and then multiplying by 12. My version (which comes from an old
Spaceship Earth text) required 25 observations, a sum, funding an average,
and then multiplying. Hubble's is far easier. As far as I know my entire
school 600+ students is going to do it. NOT AT THE SCHOOL!!!! (Whew!!!) But
it will be done. When I polled my department they all said they would make
it a required assignment. I think that's great! Now all we need is a clear