RE Keeping an eye on the missions

From: Laura Bashlor <>
Subject: RE Keeping an eye on the missions
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 1996 16:27:25 -0400

LFM Teachers,

On the slim chance that you haven't heard about the NASA Live Cam site,
it is the most exciting thing available for those of us without NASA
TV.  We have been watching the goings on at the Cape for several days
now, and had been wondering about what was being built in the Vehicle
Assembly Building (One of the 10 displays).  Sure enough.  Today's email
brought the answer.  
The internet address for images of Mars Global Surveyor and the Delta
launch vehicle at Complex 17 is:

     The internet address for Mars Pathfinder images is:
It looks like the same images as on the Live Cam shots.  Thise shots
update every 90 seconds...almost like TV.  

Watching the current mission on the web is a plus to keeping an eye out
for the Pathfinder and the Surveyor.

Address for the NASA Live Cam (updates every 4 minutes)

Slow oading but well worth it.

Laura (MI)