Re: Observing Full Moon Native American Style

From: Laura Bashlor <>
Subject: Re: Observing Full Moon Native American Style
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 1996 16:51:19 -0400

Marilyn's description of the Japanese Harvest Moon observation reminded
me of one wonderful evening a few years ago.  

At 3:00pm the message went out to the female members of the Southwind
American Indian Cultural Organization to meet in the forest-rimmed
backyard of one of the members for a "Grandmother Moon Ceremony".  About
30 ladies showed up on this moment's notice  This is not a secret nor
sacred ceremony so we were all invited.  It was the September full
moon.  As we made our offerings of sacred herbs to the fire, we implored
the "grandmother spirits" to help us with burdens.  We each took a turn
and shared these burdens with the Grandmothers and with each other.  I
heard my first owl hoot during that ceremony and took it as a sign that
all was well with the Grandmothers.  We gathered in the kitchen of the
house later, closer and more relaxed than I could have imagined.  I
never see a full moon now without reliving that night.

Laura (MI)